Aurora Teaching for Societal Impact @UICE

Aurora Teaching for Societal Impact @UICE

Save the date and join us from 20-22 September! at the University of Iceland

One of the tasks of Aurora is to develop a training program for academic staff. To this end, we have contacted educational experts within our network and collaboratively created the basics of a support site for academics on Aurora teaching. To follow up on our work we now would like to invite the educational experts to a working meeting where the aim is to develop an online course/module introducing the approaches and tools highlighted for teaching for societal impact.

The main objective of the meeting is to:

  • Collaboratively develop an introduction course for academic teachers
  • Share knowledge and ideas on best practices for academic development within different institutional contexts
  • Create a sustainable network of support for academic development within the Aurora network
  • Work with different modes of media for course construction

The meeting will be held at the University of Iceland where we have good access to studios and specialist IT help.

We are especially inviting the educational experts that have already participated in this project by providing content for our website (see list below) but would also like to extend our invitation to those interested in participating and having either expertise in course development or holding a supportive educational role within their institution. If you are a teacher at UNINA and are interested, please write to

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