Linguistic diversity, intercultural competence & European identity

Linguistic diversity, intercultural competence & European identity

Four Aurora Universities are located in four distinct parts of Europe with one common interest: to explore and learn about linguistic diversity and plurilingualism-inspired pedagogical approaches!

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) are short, intensive programs that make use of innovative pedagogical approaches, involving short periods of face-to-face activities combined with online learning and cooperation.

Participation in this BIP is open to all Aurora Universities for staff, academics, and students. It may allow the recognition of 3-6 ECTS if allowed by your study program and according to institutional rules. A certificate of participation and proficiency will be issued to all participants!

The course will focus on testing and exchanging the best practices of the resource-focused ideas and approaches about plurilingual teaching and learning agenda in higher educational settings to foster the development of a European cultural identity based on the plurality of cultures.

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