Open badges Aurora! just launched

Open badges Aurora! just launched

AURORA is a university alliance formed by University Federico II and eight other European universities, which is selected by the European Commission under the EU+ European Universities program, with the aim of prefiguring the university system of the future. Aurora is a platform of intensive collaboration and co-creation between all members of its various communities: university leaders, students, administrators, teachers, and academics alike. This, in return, enhances the synergy both within and between the Aurora universities collectively.

Our mission is to equip our graduates with the skills and mindset needed to take responsibility and initiative in their work and life. Therefore, we help our students to develop their willingness and ability to tackle society’s problems in a socially entrepreneurial and innovative way. We do this within the realms of our pilot domains: Sustainability & Climate Change, Digital Society & Global Citizenship, Health & Well-being, and Culture: Diversity & Identity.

The goal of the Aurora open-badge project is to give visibility to the knowledge and skills gained through participation in Aurora project activities.

We have launched two OBs –

  1. Spring School in Transferable Skills –
  2. Aurora Student Advocate –

The Open Badge is an open technological standard, initially defined by the Mozilla Foundation (OBI – Open Badges Infrastructure) and carried out by a large international community. The Open Badge standard is used worldwide in a wide variety of organisations.

Open Badges are presented as images, readable from any computer, but the images also contain metadata about the competence the badge represents and the person to whom the badge has been awarded. Each badge is unique, and if read by a system that supports the OBI standard, it tells the story of the person holding it: name and surname, the date on which it was earned, the competence it represents, how this competence was acquired and verified, who verified it, what temporal validity – if any – the competence has. All are verifiable in real time from any system that supports OBI.

An Open Badge has a strong communicative power thanks to the visual component of the image. The Open Badge is portable because any system that supports the standard is able to read its metadata: in this way, it can verify it by calling up the platform that issued it.

Open Badges were the first standard adopted by Bestr to represent competencies.

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