Understanding Europe

Understanding Europe

Perspectives on Europe in a Global Context. A Joint online program for BA students, starting October 2022 (30 ECTS).

“Understanding Europe” is a joint interdisciplinary program (30 ECTS) offered by the Aurora European Universities Alliance and is open to BA students of all disciplinary backgrounds. Students have the unique opportunity to get a multidisciplinary introduction to Europe – its history, politics, societies, arts, and popular culture.

The program consists of two core courses (5 ECTS each, in English) and an area of specialization (20 ECTS) in which students can choose from a number of courses which have been selected for the program by participating universities. There is also a possibility to receive credits for internships and spending a semester abroad.

Students gain a comparative perspective in their university experience and have access to various forms of mobility. Students will also benefit from the innovative teaching methods developed within Aurora and the special attention paid to the Sustainable Development Goals. Students are awarded a certificate from the Aurora European Universities Alliance after successfully completing the courses.

For further information, please contact: florian.freitag@uni-due.de

Visit the Website for more information – https://aurora-universities.eu/understanding-europe/

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