The Aurora Student Advocate Open Badges Initiative at University Federico II of Naples

The Aurora Student Advocate Open Badges Initiative at University Federico II of Naples

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In a pioneering initiative, the University Federico II of Naples (Unina) has recognised eight Aurora Student Advocates for their active participation in various learning activities by awarding them Open Badges. These students have effectively utilised the Open Badge system to showcase their skills and experiences within the Aurora network, demonstrating the value of collaborative learning with an international and diverse group of peers and educators.

Open Badges: Enhancing Knowledge Exchange and Relationship Building

Through active involvement in workshops, group discussions, collaborative sessions, and interactive laboratories, these Aurora Student Advocates have facilitated a vibrant exchange of knowledge. One student shared, “The activities offered fresh perspectives and fostered mutual learning. They also helped me build valuable relationships with other students and lecturers, enriching my learning experience.”

Experienced researchers and professors within the Aurora network enhanced this experience by sharing their insights, leading to a rich and comprehensive learning environment. Another student highlighted the benefits of networking within Aurora, stating, “Establishing relationships with other students and faculty was instrumental in acquiring new ways of learning and knowledge.”

Student Advocates Embrace Cultural Diversity

The Aurora programme allows students to interact with diverse cultures, fostering an appreciation of their shared philosophies despite their differences. Reflecting on this, one student said, “Working with an Austrian, a German, and a Spaniard, we engaged in meaningful conversations that transcended cultural boundaries.”

Moreover, the language practice and personal growth opportunities offered by the programme were equally appreciated. A student noted, “We are not used to speaking English regularly in Italy. I am glad I got to practice it with other Aurora students, understand another university’s climate, and create spaces for my personal growth.”

The Aurora experience at the University Federico II of Naples included participation in the “Innovation Village,” a scientific-technological event emphasising research significance. This event fostered collaboration among local and international students, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge. Students reported that Aurora significantly enhanced their soft skills, such as organisation, planning, and collaboration, contributing to their overall learning experience.

Open Badges: Certifying Skills and Accomplishments

Open Badges are digital credentials representing students’ skills, providing international recognition and adding value to their extracurricular, research, and cooperative activities. They certify a specific competence acquired by the recipient, allowing students to communicate their learning experiences, methods, and outcomes concisely.

Aurora Student Advocates who earn Open Badges demonstrate:
• Collaboration with a student from another institution.
• Active engagement in an Aurora working group.
• Authorship of a reflective paper discussing their student experience in Aurora.
With Open Badges, students can effectively highlight their skills and accomplishments in today’s digital age, distinguishing themselves in the competitive academic and professional landscape.

UNINA has awarded 8 Aurora Student Advocate Open Badges, with two more in the pipeline.

UNINA celebrates the achievements of these pioneering students! Ad Maiora!!!

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