For sustainable  support to EU Alliances

For sustainable support to EU Alliances

Call for sustainable and holistic support to European University Alliances. A joint statement of all 41 European University Alliances on the need for long-term sustainable funding that allows Alliances to work across all their missions

All 41 alliances call on the Member States to urgently support the establishment of holistic and sustainable long-term funding to deepen transnational cooperation of European University alliances across all their missions in a coherent way. This will enable the European Universities Initiative to go beyond a short-term project approach and deliver on their long-term, innovative and ambitious vision of future-proof European universities. This funding must (1) integrate all university’s missions (education, research, innovation, transfer to society) and (2) combine resources (Erasmus+ , Digital Europe, Interregional Innovation Investments, member state funding, etc.) reflecting not only the knowledge square approach, but also the infrastructural and other supports needed to drive the development of globally competitive European University Alliances. Finally, it is important that support is (3) sustainable, a long-term funding instrument is needed to build sustainable European Universities that can deliver on their vision. The upcoming midterm review of the current European Programmes is an excellent momentum to test and design such a holistic funding instrument.