Co-creation & Service Learning: in Teaching Innovation “BIObeauty lab”.

Co-creation & Service Learning: in Teaching Innovation “BIObeauty lab”.

Building Transdisciplinary Competences. We are delighted to announce that UNINA will be hosting the 1st workshop.

When:26 September 2022 – Location: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

  • Do you want to learn more about co-creation and the application of service-learning in teaching?
  • Do you want to meet co-creation experts from University & beyond?
  • Do you want to be involved in experiential co-creation activities with pioneering professionals?
  • Do you want to cross the boundaries of your discipline and the walls of the University?
  • Do you want to share experiences, practices & knowledge on connecting teaching- science and society through Service learning?

Join us at the international co-creation event on September 26th!

During this event, you will learn from co-creation experts from AURORA universities and beyond, and also join theoretical discussions and share experiences, practices and knowledge. The training will include interactive co-creation activities and sessions that will provide a first-hand experience of the practice of co-creation. Together we connect and build synergies.

Who: This event is open to interested educators/teachers, researchers, co-creation practitioners and experts, students, and community partners. PhD students who join this training can obtain 3 ECTS.

Interested? Please register here by 15 September 2022.

Since the number of participants is limited to 120, registrations will be accepted until a maximum number of participants is reached.

Blog picture credits: Ph. Viviana Ferretti, ©CUG UNINA. Contest fotografici.

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