Assessing European Universities Between Social Impact and Quality Assurance

Assessing European Universities Between Social Impact and Quality Assurance

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A European Workshop organized @UNINA on the future of European Alliances and how to evaluate their social impact: the 29th of September, with Aurora et OECD.

How do European Universities innovate teaching, research, and knowledge diffusion? This workshop addresses this question with a focus on evaluating European University Alliances. Besides Quality Assurance (QA) which involves different national regulations and university-based traditions for student learning assessment, there has been little attention to how universities cooperate and how students and faculty change their mindset because of Europeanization.

This workshop intends to situate the debate on evaluation at the nexus of QA and Social Impact. With a focus on student and faculty mobility and collaborations and their engagement with companies and other social actors at the European level, we aim to go beyond international research impact metrics, economic returns on entrepreneurial activities in regional contexts, and internal quality assurance (QA) procedures within and across institutional settings. 

We are interested in three emerging pillars, such as:

-the transformation of courses within the alliances; 

-the coordination of student and faculty mobility to promote internationalization; and the dialogue with stakeholders for social engagement and entrepreneurship. 

The workshop will be held in person but will also be broadcast via streaming, to receive the information for streaming please register!

How to reach us

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How to reach the Aula Convegni, Palazzo degli Uffici, University of Naples Federico II 

Via Giulio Cesare Cortese 2, 80133, Napoli

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