Gender Equality and Countering Discrimination in Universities

Gender Equality and Countering Discrimination in Universities

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A new MOOC on Gender Equality, free to access, at, the University Centre for Innovation, Experimentation and Dissemination of Multimedia Education at the University of Naples Federico II.

The course is made up of  7 lectures.  The theme of gender equality and inclusion is first addressed in its general aspects and then contextualised in the university context through the description of the phenomena that create gender inequality, the indicators through which this inequality can be measured and the possible actions and tools through which equality and inclusion can be promoted in the academic context. The last two lectures of the course provide food for thought on the issue of gender equality beyond the binary perspective (man/woman).

The MOOC is edited by Antonella Liccardo, with contributions by experts and the support of UNINA Comitato Unico di Garanzia, UNINA Committee for equal opportunities, the enhancement of the well-being and working-conditions and against discrimination (CUG), and Sinapsi Center, the University centre for all students who feel excluded from university life due to disabilities, Specific Learning Disorders or temporary difficulties. It offers services and supports initiatives to encourage the participation of all students in university life. The course has also been created in cooperation with:  CRUI Working Group for Gender Balance, the Gender Observatory on Universities and Research, the Confidence Advisor, the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Studies and  Women Gender and Education Research and the Neapolitan Coordination of Women in Science.

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The course is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Adalgisa Nicolai, professor at the Federico II University, victim of femicide.