Quantum Science and Technology – Summer Internships

Quantum Science and Technology – Summer Internships

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Thanks to the collaboration between the Federico II University of Naples and the University of Innsbruck, which came about through the Aurora project, last March a delegation from the Department of Physics and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (DIETI) UNINA, visited the University of Innsbruck to strengthen the collaboration in the field of “Quantum Science and Technology”. The two institutions shared their research activities and agreed to encourage student exchange for summer internships. These internships will be open to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students and will be supported by Aurora funds.

Learning outcomes for participants are:

Bach/MA theoretical: The students will gain experience in modelling many-body quantum systems and analytically benchmarking with numerical methods with the goal to understand atom-light interaction, phase of matter of modern quantum systems. Specific learning units are Gross-Pitaevskii equation, the Jaynes-Cummings Hamiltonian and the Master equation.

Bachelor experimental: The students will deepen their knowledge in one or several selected aspects of quantum science and related concepts. They will be able to transfer their knowledge and understand basic problems related to quantum physics and connect them with experimental work in the laboratory. Also, they will learn to plan and conduct simple experiments under the guidance of a tutor while developing soft skills like effective communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

PhD: The students will learn advanced techniques in the field of quantum science which they can transfer to their own research project. The specific skills acquired are determined by actual tasks assigned within the research group. Examples are: Matrix Product State for many body physics, laser cooling techniques and single atoms imaging. The students will develop soft skills like independent work and decision-making, time management and cooperating in an international team.

The calls for participation in these internships will be published in the coming weeks.

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