Euridice kick-off meeting @VU

Euridice kick-off meeting @VU

The EURIDICE (EURopean Inclusive education for Digital society, social Innovation, and global CitizEnship) kick-off meeting is at VU Amsterdam. Almost all 25 partners, Universities, research centers, cultural and scientific institutions, and companies. Between 30-40 persons in Amsterdam for the  EURIDICE kickoff and 27 participants online from 10 countries of various continents.

The EURIDICE project aims to usher Europe into the digital future by educating the next generation of innovators and leaders with advanced digital skills tailored for societal transformation and global citizenship. Initiated by the European Union, EURIDICE focuses on nurturing talent that understands the intersection of society and technology, driving human-centered innovation responsibly and inclusively.

Besides being one of the main promoters of the whole project, the University of Naples Federico II is co-leading WP 1 (Project management and coordination) and WP 6 (Collaboratorium: Digital infrastructure and student support for international hybrid learning). In WP 6, in particular, UniNA will design and develop spaces and tools for hybrid learning and realise a real collaboratorium: an innovative physical/virtual learning, study, and workspace that will be implemented at three of the universities involved in the launch of the Joint MA Degree (UniNA, UIBK, UIce).

The project is centered on interdisciplinary education in advanced digital technologies, aiming to produce graduates proficient in fields such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Cybersecurity. However, these technical skills are coupled with insights from law, humanities, social sciences, and business/economics to ensure a holistic understanding of the digital landscape.

The objectives of EURIDICE are to:

  1. establish an international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative Master’s degree programme (a Joint MA Degree) on Digital Society, Social Innovation, and Global Citizenship;
  2. strengthen the teaching competences of teachers and trainers involved in all areas and levels of higher education through the design of specific teaching modules (EURIDICE Academic Teacher);
  3. develop a programme of professional training and long-life learning.

EURIDICE undertakes to build the social innovators of the future with advanced digital technologies, emphasizing the societally highly influential sectors of Education, Communication, and Culture. The skills needs of such social digital innovators cross disciplines. One cannot properly contribute to digital innovation, we believe, if one has either a purely technical understanding of digital technology or in contrast a purely non-technical non-ICT disciplinary view on things.

EURIDICE has a powerful consortium with eleven universities across Europe, two independent digital research centers of excellence, two culture institutes, six small-medium enterprises and four associated universities, three of which are from the Global South. All universities are research-intensive and have strong and internationally established digital research programmes. The ongoing academic digital research is brought into the education programmes, closely linked to industry and societal institutions.