Speculative theory summer school

Speculative theory summer school

Speculating at the End (?) of Times. Social theory and Future Imaginaries. PhD Course @ the Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali, Università di Napoli, Federico II.

Organized by:

Adam Arvidsson & Michael Szalay

The general mood in the early 21st Century is that it is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of our current socio-economic conditions (or, as the original quote went, ‘the end of Capitalism’). Yet we will have to do precisely that, since things are starting to change very quickly at the level of climate change, technological development as well as political and economic transformations. The purpose of this seminar is to begin to think about social theory tools for comprehending the possible direction of these changes. We will draw on contemporary social thought as well as the rich imaginary of Science Fiction and related utopian as well as dystopian thought.

The Seminar series consists in 10 bi- weekly meetings running from March through June, 2023 and culminating in a 3 day PhD Summer School in mid-June (exact date T.B.A.). The seminars are oriented around the discussion of selected readings.Introductions to the seminars will be filmed and available online. Readings will be made available ASAP.

The seminar series is open to PhD and Master’s level students from any university or with any affiliation. To express your interest please email.

The initiative is offered by Dottorato in Scienze Sociali e Statistiche and the FAST Research Center at the Department of Social Sciences, University of Naples, Federico II.

Seminars will be held in Aula Ovale, Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali, vico Monte della Pieta 1 For enquiries and expressions o interest contact Adam Arvidsson, adamerik.arvidsson@unina.it